Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Patent- Method for coupling terahertz pulses into a coaxial waveguide

United States Patent 9178282
Publication Date:

Mittleman, Daniel M. (Houston, TX, US) 
Wang, Kanglin (Houston, TX, US)

A system for coupling teraherz (THz) radiation to a coaxial waveguide comprises an antenna that generates THz radiation having a mode that matches the mode of the waveguide. The antenna may comprise a pair of concentric electrodes, at least one of which may be affixed to or formed by one end of the waveguide. The radiation may have wavelengths between approximately 30 μm and 3 mm. The waveguide may comprise an inner core and an outer wall defining an annular region. A terahertz sensor system may comprise a terahertz antenna comprising first and second concentric electrodes, means for generating a field across the trodes and means for triggering the emission of terahertz radiation, a first waveguide having first and second ends, said first end being coupled to said antenna so as to receive at least a portion of said terahertz radiation, and a sensor for detecting said terahertz radiation

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