Friday, November 20, 2015

Abstract-Mode coupling in terahertz metamaterials using sub-radiative and super-radiative resonators

We theoretically and experimentally explored the electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) mode-coupling in terahertz (THz) metamaterialresonators, in which a dipole resonatorwith a super-radiative mode is coupled to an inductance-capacitance resonator with a sub-radiative mode. The interference between these two resonators depends on the relative spacing between them, resulting in a tunable transparency window in the absorptionspectrum.Mode coupling was experimentally demonstrated for three spacing dependent EITmetamaterials. Transmittance of the transparency windows could be either enhanced or suppressed, producing different spectral linewidths. These spacing dependent mode-couplingmetamaterials provide alternative ways to create THz devices, such as filters, absorbers, modulators, sensors, and slow-light devices.

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