Friday, September 11, 2015

TeraCascade 1000 series, terahertz laser source

Lytid is launching the TeraCascade 1000 series, a new range of powerful high frequency terahertz laser sources emitting at 2.5 THz with more than 1mW of average power for the top range product. TeraCascade is the most compact and user-friendly high frequency terahertz source available on the market. The core technology is based on quantum cascade lasers developed at the Paris Diderot University over the past 15 years.
TeraCascade’s main advantage is the full system integration. Indeed, in the box, you get everything you need for the laser operation: cryogen-free cooler, custom laser driver, touchscreen interface and control electronics. You just have to connect your pump and start your application right away.
Everything is thought to release you from the source management and let you to focus on your application. Equipped with a 4.3” capacitive touchscreen to control the laser, you will be able to choose directly your output power or go further in adjustments by choosing pulses and gates frequency.
The TeraCascade 1000 series is the ideal source for high-resolution terahertz imaging through its high emission frequency, high average power output and excellent beam quality. The narrow intrinsic linewidth of THz quantum cascade lasers is also very interesting for terahertz spectroscopic applications.

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