Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Abstract-Plasmonic bandpass filter based on graphene nanoribbon

Huawei Zhuang, Fanmin Kong, Kang Li, and Shiwei Sheng

A plasmonic bandpass filter based on graphene is proposed and numerically investigated using the finite-difference time-domain method. The proposed filter has a very simple structure, including two graphene nanoribbon waveguides laterally coupled to a graphene ribbon resonator. The transmission efficiency can be tuned by altering the coupling distance between the ribbons. At the same time, the variation of the transmission spectra is investigated by tuning the size of the graphene resonant ribbon. Notably, due to the unique electronic tunability of graphene, the transmission spectra can be freely tuned in a broad frequency range by choosing the chemical potential, which exhibits more flexible tunability than that used in conventional metallic devices. Attributed to the standing wave distribution of different modes excited in the graphene resonant ribbon, the proposed filter can be used for the plasmonic device with the capability of band selection or power splitting by locating the output waveguide ports in the suitable positions.
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