Thursday, August 13, 2015

Abstract-Design of optical metamaterial mirror with metallic nanoparticles for floating-gate graphene optoelectronic devices

Seungwoo Lee and Juyoung Kim

The purpose of this work is to conceive the idea for using the gate dielectrics of floating-gate memory device (i.e., Au nanoparticle (AuNP) monolayer embedded within polymeric matrix) as a magnetic mirror, so as to harness the broadband light absorption of thin film optoelectronics. In particular, we systematically examined whether the versatile assembly of spherical AuNP monolayer can be indeed treated as the effective magnetic mirror for floating-gate graphene optoelectronic device. High amenability of the AuNP assembly with the large-area device fabrication procedures may make this strategy widely applicable to various thin film optoelectronic devices. Our study thereby advances the design of mirror for thin film optoelectronics.
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