Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Abstract-Unbiased continuous wave terahertz photomixer emitters with dis-similar Schottky barriers

Mohammad Javad Mohammad-Zamani, Mohammad Kazem Moravvej-Farshi, and Mohammad Neshat

We are introducing a new bias free CW terahertz photomixer emitter array. Each emitter consists of an asymmetric metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) that is made of two side by side dis-similar Schottky contacts, on a thin layer of low temperature grown (LTG) GaAs, with barrier heights of difference (ΔΦB) and a finite lateral spacing (s). Simulations show that when an appropriately designed structure is irradiated by two coherent optical beams of different center wavelengths, whose frequency difference (∆f) falls in a desired THz band, the built-in field between the two dis-similar potential barriers can accelerate the photogenerated carriers that are modulated by ∆ω, making each pitch in the array to act as a CW THz emitter, effectively. We also show the permissible values of s and ΔΦB pairs, for which the strengths of the built-in electric field maxima fall below that of the critical of 50 V/μm— i.e., the breakdown limit for the LTG-GaAs layer. Moreover, we calculate the THz radiation power per emitter in an array. Among many potential applications for these bias free THz emitters their use in endoscopic imaging without a need for hazardous external biasing circuitry that reduces the patient health risk, could be the most important one. A hybrid numerical simulation method is used to design an optimum emitter pitch, radiating at 0.5 THz.
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