Friday, June 5, 2015

Abstract-Efficient terahertz detection in a sheet cavity using a nonlinear optical parametric process

Kyosuke Saito, Tadao Tanabe, and Yutaka Oyama
We designed and simulated a GaP-based sheet cavity structure for room-temperature THz wave detection via a nonlinear optical (NLO) parametric process, using photonic conversion from THz frequencies to the optical domain. The sheet cavity structure consisted of a GaP rectangular waveguide for THz waves. Pump enhancement in the cavity and strong confinement of the THz wave in the waveguide resulted in a high power conversion efficiency of 1% (detection at 5 THz). The noise equivalent power for THz wave detection using an optical single-photon detector was estimated to be in the order of a few fW Hz1/2, which was higher than that obtained using room-temperature bolometers, field-effect transistors, and other NLO processes.
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