Thursday, May 28, 2015

Abstract-Terahertz emission in ladder plus Y-configurations in double quantum dot structure

M. Abdullah, Farah T. Mohammed Noori, and Amin H. Al-Khursan

The ladder plus Y-double quantum dot (QD) structure has been proposed to improve the second-order nonlinear susceptibility (SONS) under applied electric field. For this purpose, the wetting layer (WL) and QD inhomogeneity contribution in SONS has been considered. In addition, the structure size effect, energy level separation, momentum matrix elements, and pump detuning have been examined, and show that the SONS is increased by using the WL, a low momentum matrix element of WL–QD transition in comparison with interdot transition while QD inhomogeneity reduces SONS to half. This work is predicted to play a key role in terahertz applications, since the frequency emissions obtained are in the range of 75.5–600 μm.
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