Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Abstract-Determination of the polarization states of an arbitrary polarized terahertz beam: Vectorial vortex analysis

Vectorial vortex analysis is used to determine the polarization states of an arbitrarily polarized terahertz (0.1–1.6 THz) beam using THz achromatic axially symmetric wave (TAS) plates, which have a phase retardance of Δ = 163° and are made of polytetrafluorethylene. Polarized THz beams are converted into THz vectorial vortex beams with no spatial or wavelength dispersion, and the unknown polarization states of the incident THz beams are reconstructed. The polarization determination is also demonstrated at frequencies of 0.16 and 0.36 THz. The results obtained by solving the inverse source problem agree with the values used in the experiments. This vectorial vortex analysis enables a determination of the polarization states of the incident THz beam from the THz image. The polarization states of the beams are estimated after they pass through the TAS plates. The results validate this new approach to polarization detection for intense THz sources. It could find application in such cutting edge areas of physics as nonlinear THz photonics and plasmon excitation, because TAS plates not only instantaneously elucidate the polarization of an enclosed THz beam but can also passively control THz vectorial vortex beams.

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  1. Figure 1
  2. Analytical procedure for determining the polarization by VV beam control.
    Figure 2
  3. Comparison between theoretical values and experimental results for THz beams with typical polarizations of −45°, 0°, 45°, and 90°.

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