Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Patent Application-Terahertz-infrared ellipsometer system, and method of use

United States Patent 8934096
Application Number: 13/506707
Publication Date: 01/13/2015
Herzinger, Craig M. (Lincoln, NE, US) 
Schubert, Mathias M. (Lincoln, NE, US) 
Hofmann, Tino (Lincoln, NE, US) 
Liphardt, Martin M. (Lincoln, NE, US) 
Woollam, John A. (Lincoln, NE, US)

The present invention relates to ellipsometer and polarimeter systems, and more particularly is an ellipsometer or polarimeter or the like system which operates in a frequency range between 300 GHz or lower and extending to higher than at least 1 Tera-hertz (THz), and preferably through the Infra-red (IR) range up to, and higher than 100 THz, including:
    • a source such as a backward wave oscillator; a Smith-Purcell cell; a free electron laser, or an FTIR source and a solid state device; and
    • a detector such as a Golay cell; a bolometer or a solid state detector;
      and preferably including at least one odd-bounce polarization state image rotating system, and optionally including a polarizer, at least one compensator and/or modulator, in addition to an analyzer.

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