Friday, January 2, 2015

Abstract-Multi-Ray Channel Modeling and Wideband Characterization for Wireless Communications in the Terahertz Band

Bicen, A. ; Akyildiz, I.Han, C. 
Chong Han is with the Broadband Wireless Networking Laboratory (BWN-Lab), School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332, USA. (email:

Terahertz Band (0.06 -10 THz) communication is envisioned as a key technology to satisfy the increasing demand for ultra-high-speed wireless links. In this paper, first, a unified multiray channel model in the THz Band is developed based on ray tracing techniques, which incorporates the propagation models for the line-of-sight, reflected, scattered and diffracted paths. The developed theoretical model is validated with the experimental measurements (0.06 - 1 THz) from the literature. Then, using the developed propagation models, an in-depth analysis on the THz channel characteristics is carried out. In particular, the distance-varying and frequency-selective nature of the Terahertz channel is analyzed. Moreover, the coherence bandwidth and the significance of the delay spread are studied. Furthermore, the wideband channel capacity using flat and water-filling power allocation strategies is characterized. Additionally, the temporal broadening effects of the Terahertz channel are studied. Finally, distance-adaptive and multi-carrier transmissions are suggested to best benefit from the unique relationship between distance and bandwidth. The provided analysis lays out the foundation for reliable and efficient ultra-high-speed wireless communications in the (0.06 - 10) THz Band.

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