Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Abstract-Towards a tunable graphene-based Landau level laser in the terahertz regime

Terahertz (THz) technology has attracted enormous interest with conceivable applications ranging from basic science to advanced technology. One of the main challenges remains the realization of a well controlled and easily tunable THz source. Here, we predict the occurrence of a long-lived population inversion in Landau-quantized graphene (i.e. graphene in an external magnetic field) suggesting the design of tunable THz Landau level lasers. The unconventional non-equidistant quantization in graphene offers optimal conditions to overcome the counteracting Coulomb- and phonon-assisted scattering channels. In addition to the tunability of the laser frequency, we show that also the polarization of the emitted light can be controlled. Based on our microscopic insights into the underlying many-particle mechanisms, we propose two different experimentally realizable schemes to design tunable graphene-based THz Landau level lasers.

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