Thursday, September 4, 2014

Abstract-Terahertz superconducting metamaterials for magnetic tunability

Dongyang Wang1, Zhen Tian1, Caihong Zhang2, Xiaoqing Jia2, Biaobing Jin2, Jianqiang Gu1, Jiaguang Han1 and Weili Zhang1,3
1 Center for Terahertz Waves and College of Precision Instrument and Optoelectronics Engineering, Tianjin University, and the Key Laboratory of Optoelectronics Information and Technology, Tianjin 300072, People's Republic of China
2 Research Institute of Superconductor Electronics (RISE), School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, People's Republic of China
3 School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078, USA 

We present the magnetic tunability of a metamaterial made from superconducting niobium nitride film. The inductive-capacitive resonance excited by a normally incident terahertz wave was found to be continuously modulated through an external magnetic field at temperatures below the superconducting transition point. A giant resonance modulation was observed due to a strong magnetic effect, where the variation of the magnetic field alters the intrinsic conductivity of the superconducting film. The high sensitivity of the metamaterial allows us to observe the temperature-dependent magnetic effect, and the magnitude of resonance modulation decreases with increasing temperatures. This work demonstrates that a strong magnetic effect could be implemented as an active control modality in superconducting integrated devices functioning at terahertz frequencies

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