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U.S. People Security Screening Technologies, Industry & Market - 2014-2020

U.S. People Security Screening Technologies, Industry & Market – 2014-2020–-2014-2020.html

The 82% of U.S. People Screening Market That's NOT Airport Security

Despite attracting most of the attention, Airport Security constitutes only 18% of the U.S. People Screening market. The bulk of the market demand will come from other sub-markets including government & public facilities (e.g., federal facilities, prisons, courthouses, secured perimeters, schools), border checkpoints, diplomatic facilities, land & sea transportation security and other private sector facilities.

U.S. People Security Screening Technologies, Industry & Market - 2014-2020
2013 U.S. People Screening Market Share [%]: by Vertical Market

The U.S. people security screening market is transforming at a rapid pace. A major shift in the use of ICT technologies and customers' new demands lead to a reshuffling of people screening submarkets market share, and an overall 6.2% 2013-2020 CAGR.

In the past, changes in the people screening market occurred less frequently and were mostly non-transformational, leaving products and systems providers on solid ground. Today, however, in order to be successful, vendors must embrace agility and convergence due to the following three major shifts:
The market demand to automate (or semi-automate) the screening process (e.g., integration of legacy systems into the ICT-based people identification infrastructure) wherever possible.

Extensive introduction of biometric & other ID documents screening systems (e.g., automated border control kiosks).
A growing demand to integrate multi-modal screening technologies in order to reduce wait time at checkpoints, and increase the cost performance of new systems.

The report analyzes the U.S. people security screening technologies, industry & market from several perspectives, including:

Current and pipeline technologies: "Screen while Walk" Technologies, Automated Border Control, Biometric (& Other) ID Documents Screening Technologies, single energy X-ray, dual energy X-ray, backscatter X-ray, multi-view X-ray and coherent X-ray, Threat Image Projection (TIP), Cast and Artificial Limbs X-ray, Transportable X-RAY Checkpoints, Fused X-ray and ETD systems, Fused Hand Held baggage X-ray and RFID, Multi-Threat Multi-Modal X-Ray Screening, Stereoscopic "3D X-ray" Imaging, Explosives Trace Detectors (ETD), Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS), ChemiLuminescence (CL), Electron Capture Detectors (ECD), Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW), ETD MicroChemLab on a Chip, Coated Micro-Cantilever ETD Detector, Nanotechnology Based ETD Detector, Next Generation ETD Technologies, X-ray Backscatter AIT Portals, Active MMWave Whole Body AIT Scanners, Passive MMWave Whole Body Scanners, Terahertz Whole Body Scanners, Terahertz Weapon Detection Portals, Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy (TTDS), Metal Detection Portals & Hand-Held Devices, Shoe Scanners, Liquid Explosives Scanners, Body Cavities Screening Systems, Computer Aided Detection (CAD) Software, Biometric Screening, Fused Biometric, Document Authentication Interrogation Portals, Multi-Modal & Multi-Threat Portals

Competitive Environment: 34 vendor profiles and their products description & prices. Companies included in the report are as follows: Auto Clear, ADANI, Red X Defense, Syagen Technology, Thermo Electron Corporation, Biosensor Applications, Hitachi, Scent Detection Technologies, Ketech Defence, Mistral Security Inc, Appealing Products, Inc (API) / ChemSee, DetectaChem LLC, Scintrex Trace, Flir Systems, Ion Applications Inc, BAHIA Corp (Sibel Ltd), CEIA, Garrett Electronics Inc, Fisher Labs, Brijot Imaging Systems, TeraView, ThruVision Systems, Gilardoni SpA, L-3 Communications Security & Detection Systems, QinetiQ Ltd, Westminster International Ltd, LIXI, Inc, Morpho Detection Inc, NUCTECH Co Ltd, Rapiscan Security Products, Inc, SCANNA MSC Ltd., Smiths Detection, Vidisco Ltd.

514 U.S. airports with over 100,000 annual screened passengers: Details including the number of screened passengers and the annual growth rate for each airport
Market & industry analysis: Market drivers & inhibitors and the U.S. people screening industry SWOT analysis
Business environment: Competitive analysis, industry analysis , price elasticity, mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
Business opportunities and challenges: Dozens of business opportunities, barriers to entry, supply-side & demand-side analysis, variable economic conditions, market tiers, defense primes & mega corporations' inroads into the market, people screening market entry strategies

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