Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Abstract-Semiconductor superlattice diodes for detection of terahertz photons: The role of hybridization of the plasma and polar-optical phonon modes

The current (voltage) responsivity of a superlattice-based diode detector has been studied theoretically in the terahertz frequency band that includes the region of the polar-optical phononfrequencies. Within the framework of an equivalent circuit approach, the electro-dynamical model which allows one to analyze the responsivity taking into account the hybridization of the plasma and polar-optical phonon modes both in the substrate and in the cladding layers of the diode has been suggested. It has been shown that the presence of the plasma and polar-optical phononmodes gives rise to strong features in the frequency dependence of the responsivity, i.e., to the resonance dips and peaks at frequencies of hybridized plasmons and polar-optical phonons. It has been suggested that by judicious engineering of the superlattice-based diodes, it would be possible to enhance substantially their responsivity in the terahertz frequency band.

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