Sunday, January 12, 2020

Abstract-THz Fano-like resonators based on free-standing metallic wire woven meshes

Most periodic THz structures need a substrate to support, thus an additional absorption was occurred resulting in a low resonance quality factor. In this paper, a free-standing THz metal structure consisting of metallic wire woven meshes (MWWM) is proposed and demonstrated. Experimental and numerical results exhibit that this metallic wire woven mesh is considered as one kind of THz plasmonic structure with a sharp resonance dip. The investigation expresses that the spectral-dip with high power-distinction ratio comes from the bending metal wire, referred to as Fano-like resonances, and the resonance field longitudinally covers the input and output end faces due to the woven wires, thereby having the large field volume for the near-field sensing applications

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