Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Abstract-Independent Manipulating of Orthogonal-Polarization Terahertz Waves Using A Reconfigurable Graphene-Based Metasurface

Li Deng,  Yuanyuan Zhang , Jianfeng Zhu, Meijun Qu, Ling Wang,  Chen Zhang

Viewing the trend of miniaturization and integration in modern electronic device design, a reconfigurable multi-functional graphene-based metasurface is proposed in this paper. By virtue of the reconfigurability of reflection patterns, this metasurface is able to independently manipulate orthogonal linearly polarized terahertz wave. The building blocks of the proposed metasurface are series of graphene-strips-based unit-cells. Each unit-cell consists of two orthogonal graphene strips and a grounded substrate, which has anisotropic responses for each of orthogonal polarizations (x-polarized and y-polarized waves). The reflection phases of both x- and y-polarized waves can be controlled independently through separate electrical tuning. Based on the proposed metasurface, functionalities including beam splitting, beam deflecting, and linear-to-circular polarization converting using a shared aperture are numerically demonstrated and analyzed. Simulation results demonstrate excellent performance, which is consistent with the theorized expectations. This work paves the way for enhancing the miniaturization of modern electronic/optical devices and potentially has important applications in the next-generation information systems for communication, sensing, and imaging.

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