Sunday, June 17, 2018

Abstract-Terahertz response of DNA oligonucleotides on the surface of silicon nanostructures

N. T. Bagraev, A. L. Chernev, L. E. Klyachkin, A. M. Malyarenko, A. K. Emel’yanov, M. V. Dubina,

The possibility of identifying DNA oligonucleotides deposited onto the region of the edge channels of silicon nanostructures is considered. The role of various THz (terahertz) radiation harmonics of silicon nanostructures in the resonance response of oligonucleotides is analyzed. In particular, this makes it possible to compare single-stranded 100_ and 50_mer DNA oligonucleotides. A technique for the rapid identification of different oligonucleotides by measuring changes in the conductance and transverse potential difference of silicon nanostructures with microcavities, embedded in the edge channels for selecting THz radiation characteristics, is proposed.

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