Friday, June 22, 2018

Abstract-An Improved Ultrawideband Open-Short De-Embedding Method Applied up to 220 GHz

Yunqiu Wu,  Ya’nan Hao, Jun Liu,  Chenxi Zhao,  Yuehang Xu, Wenyan Yin, Kai Kang,

This paper presents an improved ultrawideband open-short de-embedding methodology. In contrast to the conventional measurement-based open-short de-embedding method, the presented method is a measurement-calculation hybrid method. First, the open and short de-embedding structures are measured, and the corresponding scattering parameters are obtained. Based on this, lumped-parameter models of the open and short de-embedding structures are established. Then, the established models are modified to solve the over de-embedding problem. Finally, the modified de-embedding structure models are implemented in the scattering parameters of device test structures to achieve ultrawideband de-embedding. To verify the proposed de-embedding method, the method is applied to active devices. The results before and after de-embedding are compared under multiple bias conditions. Furthermore, the results after de-embedding based on the conventional open-short method and the proposed method are compared up to 220 GHz. These results show that using the proposed method can achieve accurate ultrawideband de-embedding up to the terahertz frequency band.

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