Monday, June 18, 2018

Abstract-Design and Verification of Terahertz Wave Photoswitch Based on Silicon Photonic Crystal

Yi-He Liu, Jiang-Ming Kuang, Jing Xu,  Ji-Ning Yang, Shuang Zhang

In this paper, the filtering property of the terahertz waveband based on one-dimensional photonic crystal was studied and preliminary theoretical exploration for the two-dimension case is carried out. The effect of the lattice imperfection layers' refractive index upon the center frequency and intensity of the defect mode's transmission peak was deeply analyzed. It is proven that tuning the transmission frequency of the Terahertz wave can be accomplished by changing the incident angle of the Terahertz wave or altering the refractive index and width of the defect layers; changing the defect layer number can realize multi-channel filtering and tuning of the Terahertz wave. Thus they can be applied to design of the Terahertz optical switch. Finally, the electro-optical crystal Lithium Niobate and the ferroelectric liquid crystal material (FLC) are taken as the defect layer of the photonic crystal to design the Terahertz optical switch and the multi-channel filter. Optical switch control within a tunable frequency band of 100G can be achieved by using them.

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