Monday, May 7, 2018


TeraSense THz high speed line scanner

TeraSense presents a range of imaging scanners designed for inspection applications, primarily in the food and agricultural industries. Available in Australia from Scitech , the new TeraHertz (THz) imaging scanners by TeraSense use imaging sensors for non-destructive analysis of the internal structure of objects, making them ideal for food inspection, agricultural inspection and detecting the contents of packages. Results from THz imaging are far superior to infrared, visual, and X-ray inspection methods.
For instance, food manufacturers can use a TeraHertz food scanner to check if a pick-and-place robotic arm has put all candy bars into a cardboard carton. These imagers can see through cardboard or PE packaging and are considered ideal for individual chocolate bars, which can be wrapped in any material, even metal-containing foil, which is impervious to THz rays.
TeraHertz imagers can also be used to check noodle packs for the mandatory seasoning sachet in every pack. Noodle containers are usually made of plastic or synthetic foam (polyfoam), which is transparent to THz waves. The THz food scanner can quickly prompt the conveyor-line operator and indicate if a sachet is missing.
The presence of insects and other foreign objects in food can damage consumer trust as well as the brand in the market. THz imaging systems can easily detect a common housefly through several polyethylene bags, even if total thickness of such PET coating exceeds 20mm. Even metal or plastic debris can be detected inside food packaging with the THz imaging scanners.
TeraSense imaging systems reveal carcinogenic Mycotoxin fungus that contaminates peanuts, corn, hazelnuts, and other grain crops and oil plants. For instance, with the aid of THz imagers, industrial customers can detect any sign of infection such as Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus, which exude the extremely dangerous carcinogen Aflatoxins B1.

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