Monday, May 7, 2018

Abstract-Wide-Aperture Aspheric Optics for Formation of Subwavelength Caustics of a Terahertz Electromagnetic-Radiation Beam

N. V. Chernomyrdin, A. O. Shchadko, S. P. Lebedev, I. E. Spektor, V. L. Tolstoguzov, A. S. Kucheryavenko, K. M. Malakhov, G. A. Komandin, V. S. Gorelik, K. I. Zaytsev

A wide-aperture aspheric lens for focusing a terahertz electromagnetic-radiation beam in a circle of the subwavelength size is proposed. The calculation of the lens and the estimation of size of created caustic were carried out using computational methods of geometric optics and electrodynamics. The lens is made of high-density polyethylene with the help of a turning machine. For experimental estimation of the spatial resolution provided by the lens, a THz imaging system based on raster scanning of the object’s surface was created. The imaging system was used in combination with wide-aperture THz optics to record images of the streak plates with different spatial frequencies. Analysis of the experimental data showed that the aspheric lens allows the resolution of two objects spaced at a distance of 0.95λ, providing contrast of 15%. The proposed THz optics is superior to classical THz spherical lenses and off-axis parabolic mirrors, greatly expanding the capabilities of THz-spectroscopy methods and imaging.

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