Thursday, May 17, 2018

Abstract-Observation of surface plasmon polaritons in 2D electron gas of surface electron accumulation in InN nanostructures

Kishore K Madapu, A K Sivadasan, Madhusmita Baral, Sandip Dhara

Recently, heavily doped semiconductors have been emerging as an alternative to low-loss plasmonic materials. InN, belonging to the group III nitrides, possesses the unique property of surface electron accumulation (SEA), which provides a 2D electron gas (2DEG) system. In this report, we demonstrated the surface plasmon properties of InN nanoparticles originating from SEA using the real-space mapping of the surface plasmon fields for the first time. The SEA is confirmed by Raman studies, which are further corroborated by photoluminescence and photoemission spectroscopic studies. The frequency of 2DEG corresponding to SEA is found to be in the THz region. The periodic fringes are observed in the near-field scanning optical microscopic images of InN nanostructures. The observed fringes are attributed to the interference of propagated and back-reflected surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs). The observation of SPPs is solely attributed to the 2DEG corresponding to the SEA of InN. In addition, a resonance kind of behavior with the enhancement of the near-field intensity is observed in the near-field images of InN nanostructures. Observation of SPPs indicates that InN with SEA can be a promising THz plasmonic material for light confinement.

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