Monday, May 14, 2018

Abstract- Low-Terahertz Modeling of Graphene/Dielectric Multilayers Using an Equivalent Single Layer in Reverberation Environment

Alessandro Giuseppe D'Aloia, Marcello D'Amore,   Maria Sabrina Sarto

Low-terahertz field transmission through a graphene/dielectric laminate (GDL) is investigated by modeling each graphene/dielectric bilayer (GDB) as a homogeneous uniaxial anisotropic medium. The effective medium approximation is applied to define the transverse effective complex conductivity of the GDB, which is expressed as a function of the thickness and permittivity of the dielectric layer, and of the graphene sheet conductivity. The graphene/dielectric multilayered structure is modeled as an equivalent single layer (ESL), having the total thickness of the multilayer and characterized by the effective complex conductivity of the GDB. The model is applied to simulate two different sets of chemically doped graphene samples, characterized by measured values of the dc sheet resistance. The transmissivity, reflectivity, and shielding effectiveness of the resulting GDLs are computed in a reverberation environment up to 10 THz by applying the transfer matrix method to both the GDL and to the ESL. The comparison of the obtained results proves the high accuracy of the homogenization-based ESL model.

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