Friday, May 4, 2018

Abstract-Hybridization-induced broadband terahertz wave absorption with graphene metasurfaces

Nanli Mou, Shulin Sun, Hongxing Dong, Shaohua Dong, Qiong He, Lei Zhou, Long Zhang,

Electromagnetic (EM) wave absorption plays a vital role in photonics. While metasurfaces are proposed to absorb EM waves efficiently, most of them exhibit limited bandwidth and fixed functionalities. Here, we propose a broadband and tunable terahertz (THz) absorber based on a graphene-based metasurface, which is constructed by a single layer of closely patterned graphene concentric double rings and a metallic mirror separated by an ultrathin SiO2 layer. Plasmonic hybridization between two graphene rings significantly enlarges the absorption bandwidth, which can be further tuned by gating the graphene. Moreover, the specific design also makes our device insensitive to the incident angle and polarization state of impinging EM waves. Our results may inspire certain wave-modulation-related applications, such as THz imaging, smart absorber, tunable sensor, etc.
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