Saturday, May 5, 2018

Abstract-Enhanced THz radiation from beating of two Cosh–Gaussian laser beams in a wiggler-assisted collisional magnetized plasma

Mehdi Abedi-Varaki and Saed Jafari

In this paper, the terahertz (THz) radiation generated by mixing two Cosh–Gaussian laser beams (decentered Gaussian beams) in collisional magnetized plasma has been studied in the presence of a helical magnetostatic wiggler. Equations governing the THz radiation generation of laser beams and the efficiency of emitted radiation for both left- and right-hand circular polarizations have been derived. The effects of the wiggler strengths and the decentered parameter on the THz field amplitude and laser electric field magnitude have been investigated. Numerical results indicate that the amplitude of THz electric field radiation increases when the wiggler frequency increases, and consequently the THz radiation becomes stronger. Moreover, it is seen that normalized laser efficiency has a decreasing trend with increasing normalized collision frequency for different wiggler magnetic field strengths. Furthermore, it is found that the efficiency increases with an increase in the values of the wiggler frequencies. Finally, by adjusting the decentered parameter and wiggler magnetic field strength, the peak intensity of lasers can be shifted and a significant change is found in the THz field amplitude and its conversion efficiency.
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