Friday, May 11, 2018

Abstract-Cascaded interactions mediated by terahertz radiation

M. Hemmer, G. Cirmi, K. Ravi, F. Reichert, F. Ahr, L. Zapata, O. D. Mücke, A.-L. Calendron, H. Çankaya, D. Schimpf, N. H. Matlis, and F. X. Kärtner

We investigate a regime of parametric amplification in which the pump and signal waves are spectrally separated by only a few hundreds of GHz frequency – therefore resulting in a sub-THz frequency idler wave. Operating in this regime we find an optical parametric amplifier (OPA) behavior which is highly dissimilar to conventional OPAs. In this regime, we observe multiple three-wave mixing processes occurring simultaneously which results in spectral cascading around the pump and signal wave. Via numerical simulations, we elucidate the processes at work and show that cascaded optical parametric amplification offers a pathway toward THz-wave generation beyond the Manly-Rowe limit and toward the generation of high-energy, sparse frequency-combs.
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