Thursday, April 19, 2018

Abstract-Semiconductor quantum well irradiated by a two-mode electromagnetic field as a terahertz emitter

S. Mandal, T. C. H. Liew, and O. V. Kibis

We study theoretically the nonlinear optical properties of a semiconductor quantum well (QW) irradiated by a two-mode electromagnetic wave consisting of a strong resonant dressing field and a weak off-resonant driving field. In the considered strongly coupled electron-field system, the dressing field opens dynamic Stark gaps in the electron energy spectrum of the QW, whereas the driving field induces electron oscillations in the QW plane. Since the gapped electron spectrum restricts the amplitude of the oscillations, the emission of a frequency comb from the QW appears. Therefore, the doubly-driven QW operates as a nonlinear optical element which can be used, particularly, for optically controlled generation of terahertz radiation.

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