Monday, April 30, 2018

Abstract-Manifestation of plasmonic response in the detection of sub-terahertz radiation by graphene-based devices

A Yu Kuntsevich, D I Yagodkin, E D Obraztsova, G E Fedorov, G N Goltsman, I A Gayduchenko, M G Rybin, M V Moskotin, S V Seliverstov, V G Leiman,

We report on the sub-terahertz (THz) (129–450 GHz) photoresponse of devices based on single layer graphene and graphene nanoribbons with asymmetric source and drain (vanadium and gold) contacts. Vanadium forms a barrier at the graphene interface, while gold forms an Ohmic contact. We find that at low temperatures (77 K) the detector responsivity rises with the increasing frequency of the incident sub-THz radiation. We interpret this result as a manifestation of a plasmonic effect in the devices with the relatively long plasmonic wavelengths. Graphene nanoribbon devices display a similar pattern, albeit with a lower responsivity.

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