Friday, April 20, 2018

Abstract- A Causal Channel Model for the Terahertz Band

Kazuhiro Tsujimura,  Kenta Umebayashi, Joonas Kokkoniemi,  Janne Lehtomäki,  Yasuo Suzuki

Impulse response is vital for wireless communication analysis and modeling. This paper considers the impulse response of the terahertz band (THz band: 0.1-10 THz) for short range (1-100 cm) wireless communication. Earlier works derived the impulse response from transmittance by assuming a linear phase, which corresponds to a line-of-sight (LoS) propagation delay to a receiver. However, the linear phase leads to a symmetric impulse response before and after the LoS propagation delay. Physically, it is impossible for a signal to arrive before the LoS propagation delay since this violates causality. To address this issue, this study derives a phase function leading to an impulse response that satisfies causality. The validity of the derived model is verified with experimental THz band measurements (up to 2 THz), which show excellent agreement with the results predicted by the theory. From the impulse response, coherence bandwidth is found for both the entire THz band and its subbands. The results show significant variations in the coherence bandwidth as a function of the center frequency. Knowledge of these variations supports selection of the proper center frequency for wireless communications in the THz band.

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