Monday, March 12, 2018

Abstract-Sensitive detection of cancer cell apoptosis based on the non-bianisotropic metamaterials biosensors in terahertz frequency

Zhang Zhang, Hongwei Ding, Xin Yan, Lanju Liang, Dequan Wei, Meng Wang, Qili Yang, and Jianquan Yao

The apoptosis of cancer cells was experimentally measured by terahertz (THz) biosensors based on the metamaterials (MMs). The non-bianisotropic resonance with an electric field of up to 106 V/m was exhibited at 0.85 THz, where the magnetic dipoles were cancelled in the unit cell. The simulate results show the dependence of the frequency shift on the occupying ratio and refractive index of analytes. The theoretical sensitivity was calculated to 182 GHz/RIU. The experimental results imply that the resonant frequency would red shift with the increase of the concentration of cancer cells. Furthermore, the apoptosis of cancer cells HSC3 under the effect of drug concentration from 1 to 15 μM and drug action time from 24 to 72 hours were also studied by the biosensors, respectively. It shows that the trend agrees with the results measured by the biological CCK-8 kits method. Our proposed MMs-based biosensors may supply a novel viewpoint on cell apoptosis from a physical perspective and be a valuable complementary reference for biological study.
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