Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Abstract- Gain Analysis of a 0.2-THz Traveling-Wave Tube With Sheet Electron Beam and Staggered Grating Slow Wave Structure

 Tatiana A. Karetnikova,  Andrey G. Rozhnev,  Nikita M. Ryskin,  Alexey E. Fedotov,  Sergey V. Mishakin,  Naum S. Ginzburg,

Results of numerical simulation of a miniaturized sub-THz traveling-wave tube amplifier with sheet electron beam and planar grating slow wave structure (SWS) are presented. Cold characteristics of the SWS are calculated. Small-signal and large-signal gain regimes are studied by the 1-D parametric frequency-domain code. The results are verified by simulations using 3-D particle-in-cell codes.

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