Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Abstract-Thin terahertz-wave phase shifter by flexible film metamaterial with high transmission

Zhengli Han, Seigo Ohno, Yu Tokizane, Kouji Nawata, Takashi Notake, Yuma Takida, and Hiroaki Minamide


Thin terahertz (THz)-wave optical components are fundamentally important for integrated THz-wave spectroscopy and imaging systems, especially for phase manipulation devices. As described herein, a thin THz-wave phase shifter was developed using a flexible film metamaterial with high transmission and polarization independent properties. The metamaterial unit structure employs double-layer un-split ring resonators (USRRs) with a designed distance between the two layers to obtain phase retardance of π/2, thus constituting a THz-wave phase shifter. The metamaterial design keeps the transmission coefficient as high as 0.91. The phase shifter also has polarization independence due to the four-fold symmetry of the USRR structure. Because of the subwavelength feature size of the USRR, this shifter can offer benefits for manipulating the spatial profile for the THz-wave phase through design of a binary optics phase plate by arranging a USRR array. The thickness of 48 μm has benefits for developing integrated THz optics and other applications that demand compactness and flexibility. The developed film size of 5 cm × 5 cm from the device fabrication process is suitable for THz lenses or gratings of large optical components.
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