Sunday, December 3, 2017

Abstract-Terahertz Focusing and Polarization Control in Large-Area Bias-Free Semiconductor Emitters

  • Joanna L. Carthy, 
  • Paul C. Gow, 
  • Sam A. Berry, 
  • Ben Mills, 
  • Vasilis Apostolopoulos

  • We show that, when large-area multiplex terahertz semiconductor emitters, that work on diffusion currents and Schottky potentials, are illuminated by ultrashort optical pulses they can radiate a directional electromagnetic terahertz pulse which is controlled by the angular spectrum of the incident optical beam. Using the lens that focuses the incident near-infrared pulse, we have demonstrated THz emission focusing in free space, at the same point where the optical radiation would focus. We investigated the beam waist and Gouy phase shift of the THz emission as a function of frequency. We also show that the polarization profile of the emitted THz can be tailored by the metallic patterning on the semiconductor, demonstrating radial polarization when a circular emitter design is used. Our techniques can be used for fast THz beam steering and mode control for efficiently coupling to waveguides without the need for THz lenses or parabolic mirrors.

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