Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Abstract- Tunable graphene plasmonic Y-branch switch in the terahertz region using hexagonal boron nitride with electric and magnetic biasing

Ali Farmani, Mahdi Yavarian, Abbas Alighanbari, Mehdi Miri, and Mohammad H. Sheikhi

A tunable graphene plasmonic Y-branch switch at THz wavelengths is proposed. The effects of magnetic and electric biasing are studied to harness the transmission of the transverse electric and magnetic guided mode resonances. In the structure, hexagonal boron nitride is utilized as a substrate for graphene. The application of hexagonal boron nitride, with the advantages of high mobility and ultralow ohmic loss, introduces a promising alternative substrate for graphene. Analytical and numerical results show that, by slight variation of the doping level in graphene through magnetic and electric biasing, the characteristics of the propagation of the guided mode resonances can be manipulated. A large extinction ratio of 40 dB at a wavelength of 60 μm is obtained. Besides, the proposed switch shows a low insertion loss of about 1 dB and a relatively large optical bandwidth of 1 μm. The electric biasing is of the order of 0.1 mV. Additionally, with the presence of magnetic biasing, a compact switch with a size of 25 μm is achieved. Showing a high extinction ratio, low insertion loss, and compact size, the proposed switch can find potential applications in graphene plasmonics integrated devices.
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