Friday, October 13, 2017

Abstract-A 1.25 THz High Gain Hybrid Circuit with CNT Model Performance Optimization for Radar Sensors Application

Sandeep Kumar, Van-Ha Nguyen, Won-young Jung, Hanjung Song

This work focuses on a novel approach of hybrid circuit topology with carbon nanotube (CNT) model which provides higher gain at 1.25 THz for radar sensors application. A single walled CNT provides RF circuit model and demonstrates its ability to resonant at terahertz frequencies. The hybrid structure provides a circuit topology which achieves wide impedance bandwidth of 0.33 THz within range of 1.07 to 1.42 THz. A transmission line radiator used as a compensator in order to cancel parasitic capacitance and achieves more than 30 dB forward gain. A minimum noise figure of 0.4 dB is also achieves with tuning effects for inductor of RF circuit model at 1.25 THz. The whole circuit topology is implemented in advanced design system with RF simulator using 45 nm predictive technology model. This fascinating work approach first attempts to make circuit topology at THz for parameters of soil measurement application.

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