Sunday, August 6, 2017

Abstract-A three-dimensional all-metal terahertz metamaterial perfect absorber

Meng Wu,   Xiaoguang Zhao,   Jingdi Zhang, Jacob Schalch, Guangwu Duan,

We present a three-dimensional terahertz metamaterial perfect absorber (MPA) that exhibits a high quality factor and is polarization insensitive. The unit cell is composed of two orthogonally oriented copper stand-up split ring resonators deposited on a copper ground plane with capacitive gaps in free space away from the substrate. Near unity (99.6%) absorption at ∼1.65 THz is experimentally obtained in excellent agreement with simulation results. The quality factor is ∼37, which is quite large for a terahertz MPA because of reduced material losses in the all-metal structure. According to simulation results, the MPA is insensitive to the polarization of the incident wave, and more than 90% absorption can be achieved for angles of incidence up to 60° for both TE and TM polarized incident THz waves.

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