Saturday, August 5, 2017

Abstract-Generation of narrowband terahertz radiation by an ultrashort laser pulse in a bulk LiNbO3 crystal

E. A. Mashkovich, S. A. Sychugin, and M. I. Bakunov

We show that a femtosecond laser pulse propagating in a LiNbO3 crystal as a superposition of ordinary and extraordinary waves can efficiently generate narrowband terahertz radiation in a quasi-phase-matched regime. The generation mechanism is similar to that in periodically poled crystals, although it occurs in a bulk crystal. In particular, a 600 fs pulse from a Yb-doped laser amplifier can generate radiation at 0.5  THz with bandwidth of 3.6 GHz and efficiency 105. Frequency tuning can be achieved by tilting the laser beam in the crystal. The predicted effect can be used for creating tunable spectrally bright terahertz sources.
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