Monday, July 31, 2017

Abstract-Terahertz emission driven by two-color laser pulses at various frequency ratios

W. -M. Wang, Z. -M. Sheng, Y. -T. Li, Y. Zhang, and J. Zhang

We present a simulation study of terahertz radiation from a gas driven by two-color laser pulses in a broad range of frequency ratios \omega_1/\omega_0. Our particle-in-cell simulation results show that there are three series with \omega_1/\omega_0=2n, n+1/2, n\pm1/3 (n is a positive integer) for high-efficiency and stable radiation generation. The radiation strength basically decreases with the increasing \omega_1 and scales linearly with the laser wavelength. These rules are broken when \omega_1/\omega_0

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