Friday, July 28, 2017

Abstract-Terahertz electronics of XXI-st century on the base of ultraharmonic resonance circuits on the magnetooptical nanostructures

 Pavel A. Churilov,   Boris A. Akishin,  Vitaly M. Porksheyan,  Larissa V. Cherckesova,  Irina S. Trubchik,  George N. Shalamov,

The estimation of electrodynamic characteristics of periodic nonlinear composite media on a base of nanophotonic, metal-photonic and magnetophotonic crystals is directed on making of new element base of XXI-st century radioelectronics. Photonics as a whole, and nanophotonics in particular, has a huge potential of using in perspective nanotechnologies, guided on the radioelectronic arrangements of microwave, extremely, hyper high-frequency (SHF, EHF, and HHF), subterahertz and terahertz bands. Photonic crystal nanostructures possess the impressive possibilities on creation of perspective arrangements with very small consumption and low losses. Examination of nanophotonic structures with the dynamic inhomogeneities, using the interaction of electron fluxes with wave (undular) processes in the solid bodies, semiconductors properties, dielectrics, magnetics and superconductors in magnetic and electric fields, is the important component of scientic direction of terahertz electronics and engineering. The ability of electrooptical and magnetooptical crystals to change their properties in the given limits for the account of action electrical and magnetic fields ensures a possibility of control in nanostructures parametres, on which base is probably realizing the resonance circuits of nonlinear parametric zonal systems (NPS), working on current ultraharmonics in the higher zones of electromagnetic oscillations instability.

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