Sunday, July 23, 2017

Abstract-Terahertz detection and imaging using an uncooled off-the-shelf GaN High Electron Mobility field-effect Transistor

Elham Javadi,   Mahmoud Shahabadi,  Nasser Masoumi.  Juan Antonio Delgado Notario,  Yahya Mubarak Meziani, Jesus Enrique Velazquez Perez

In this paper, the capability of an uncooled commercially available GaN transistor for detection of terahertz radiation is reported. Detection measurements are performed for a range of applied gate voltages from −3 to 0 V in order to characterize the transistor response as a terahertz detector. The device is excited at 0.291 THz. Comparing experimental results with the theoretical ones, we show that the device works as a non-resonant terahertz detector at room temperature. The noise equivalent power (NEP) of the device amounts to 0.86nW/Hz0.5 at a gate bias voltage of −2.67V. The device is thereafter used as the detector of a terahertz imaging system. Its capability for inspection of hidden objects is demonstrated.

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