Saturday, July 8, 2017

Abstract-Numerical method based on transfer function for eliminating water vapor noise from terahertz spectra

Y. Huang, P. Sun, Z. Zhang, and C. Jin

Water vapor noise in the air affects the accuracy of optical parameters extracted from terahertz (THz) time-domain spectroscopy. In this paper, a numerical method was proposed to eliminate water vapor noise from the THz spectra. According to the Van Vleck–Weisskopf function and the linear absorption spectrum of water molecules in the HITRAN database, we simulated the water vapor absorption spectrum and real refractive index spectrum with a particular line width. The continuum effect of water vapor molecules was also considered. Theoretical transfer function of a different humidity was constructed through the theoretical calculation of the water vapor absorption coefficient and the real refractive index. The THz signal of the Lacidipine sample containing water vapor background noise in the continuous frequency domain of 0.5–1.8 THz was denoised by use of the method. The results show that the optical parameters extracted from the denoised signal are closer to the optical parameters in the dry nitrogen environment.
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