Thursday, July 6, 2017

Abstract-A Novel CMOS Multi-band THz Detector with Embedded Ring Antenna

  • Lei-jun Xu, 
  • Jia-ning Guan, 
  • Xue Bai, 
  • Qin Li, 
  • Han-ping Mao

To overcome the large chip area occupation for the traditional terahertz multi-frequency detector by using the antenna elements in a different frequency, a novel structure for a multi-frequency detector is proposed and studied. Based on the ring antenna detector, an embedded multi-ring antenna with multi-port is proposed for the multi-frequency detector. A single-ring and dual-ring detectors are analyzed and designed in 0.18 μ m CMOS. For the single-ring detector, the best responsivity and NEP is 701 V/W and 261 pW/Hz0.5 at the frequency of 290 GHz. For the dual-ring detector, the best responsivity is 367 V/W and 297 V/W, NEP is 578 pW/Hz0.5 and 713pW/Hz0.5, at the frequency of 600 GHz and 806 GHz, respectively. This embedded multi-ring detector has a simple structure which can be expanded easily in a compact size.

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