Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Abstract-Experimental results of concealed object imaging using Terahertz radar

 Yanwen Jiang, Bin Deng, Yuliang Qin, Hongqiang Wang, Ye Zhang,   Xiaoyu Yang


Terahertz imaging has been shown to have the potential to detect objects hidden under common coverings. In this paper, a 360° fast rotating imaging scheme for the detection of concealed objects using terahertz radar is proposed and validated by proof-of-concept experiments. The imaging results of three dangerous objects, i.e. hammer, scissor and metal handgun model, covered with fabric and cardboard are obtained, which demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed imaging scheme for the concealed object detection with high resolution. The work and results can benefit the development of real-time imaging applications of Terahertz radar.

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