Sunday, July 9, 2017

Abstract-Development of electronic subsystems for a terahertz wireless link

Jose M. Pérez  Iñigo Ederra  Ramón Gonzalo

In this paper, a very wide bandwidth frequency tripler and fourth harmonic mixer for a wireless communication link at 300 GHz have been designed. An anti-parallel configuraticn of Schottky diodes has been used for both devices. The fourth harmonic mixing configuration is a good solution when it is difficult to have enough Local Oscillator (LO) power to pump the diodes whereas frequency increases. Conversion Loss (CL) of the tripler is around 15 dB for 65 GHz bandwidth in which the best value is 12 dB for 318 GHz. For the fourth harmonic mixer, the CL obtained is around 18 dB within 41 GHz bandwidth. The best value is 10.2 dB for 301 GHz.

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