Friday, July 21, 2017

Abstract-Controllable Continuous evolution of electronic states in a single quantum ring

Intense terahertz laser field is shown to have a profound effect on the electronic and optical properties of quantum rings, where the isotropic and anisotropic quantum rings can now be treated on equal footing. We have demonstrated that in isotropic quantum rings the laser field creates irregular AB oscillations that are usually expected in anisotropic rings. Further, we have shown for the first time that intense laser fields can restore the {\it isotropic} physical properties in anisotropic quantum rings. In principle, all types of anisotropies (structural, effective masses, defects, etc.) can evolve as in isotropic rings, in our present approach. Most importantly, we have found a continuous evolution of the energy spectra and intraband optical characteristics of structurally anisotropic quantum rings to those of isotropic rings, in a controlled manner, with the help of a laser field.

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