Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Abstract-Ultrathin metasurface-based carpet cloak for terahertz wave

Minggui Wei, Quanlong Yang, Xueqian Zhang, Yanfeng Li, Jianqiang Gu, Jiaguang Han, and Weili Zhang

Ultrathin metasurfaces with local phase compensation deliver new schemes to cloaking devices. Here, a large-scale carpet cloak consisting of an ultrathin metasurface is demonstrated numerically and experimentally in the terahertz regime. The proposed carpet cloak is designed based on discontinuous-phase metallic resonators fabricated on a polyimide substrate, offering a wide range of reflection phase variations and an excellent wavefront manipulation along the edges of the bump. The invisibility is verified when the cloak is placed on a reflecting triangular surface (bump). The multi-step discrete phase design method would greatly simplify the design process and is probable to achieve large-dimension cloaks, for applications in radar and antenna systems as a thin, lightweight, and easy-to-fabricate solution for radio and terahertz frequencies.
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