Monday, June 26, 2017

Abstract-Terahertz systems-on-chip enabled by nano-IC technologies

Mau-Chung Frank Chang

The infamous “Terahertz Gap” represents frequency spectra ranged from 0.3 to 3THz (or 300 to 3000GHz). The spectra lie between traditional microwave and infrared wavelengths but remains “untouchable” via either electronic or photonic means. The conventional “transit-time-limited” electronic devices hardly can operate at its lowest frequency; the “band-gap-limited” photonic devices on the other hand can only operate beyond its highest frequency. Since wavelengths range from 1000 to 100 µm, Terahertz signals tend to behave quasi-optically and are potentially instrumental for a wide range of scientific and industrial applications. Those include high-data rate, short distance and secured wireless & wireline communications, telemetric and remote sensing based on high-resolution radar, spectrometer and imagers for intelligent traffic/landing control, safety/security screening and biomedical/food/drug sensing or profiling, and analysis and controls. In this talk, we will discuss design and technology challenges involved in building Terahertz systems-on-chip from nano-dimensional CMOS technologies and progresses made recently by UCLA and NCTU to overcome electronic/photonic barriers for realizing highly integrated (sub)-mm-Wave and Terahertz systems in radio, radar and imaging systems.

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