Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Abstract-Terahertz electromagnetic fences on a graphene surface plasmon polariton platform


Controlling the loss of graphene can be used in the field of transformation optics. We propose a new concept of electromagnetic fence on a monolayer graphene surface plasmon polariton platform. Using a Dot-Density-Renderer quasicrystal metasurface, we can simulate the absorption of gradient index optics structures. Numerical simulations show that the incident waves to our designed electromagnetic fence are trapped toward the central lines and quickly absorbed by the high-loss region. Two basic types of electromagnetic fence and its composite structures have been designed and analyzed, which exhibit excellent broadband absorbing performances at 8 THz–12 THz. Because of its advantages in controlling the soft-boundary effects and easy manufacturing characteristics, the proposed electromagnetic fence seems very promising for THz–frequency-transformation plasmonics applications.

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