Saturday, June 10, 2017

Abstract-Low-cost two-layer terahertz transmit array

 Huan Yi  Shi-Wei Qu  Chi Hou Chan

In this Letter, a flat terahertz (THz) transmit array with a two-layer element is investigated. The proposed element can provide 360° phase coverage with a transmission coefficient better than −3.52 dB at 250 GHz. Then a transmit array based on the element is designed with a low focal-to-diameter ratio of 0.3. Simulation results reveal that the transmit array has large backward radiation. A WR-03 open-ended waveguide with a thick wall is used to feed the transmit array, thus the backward radiation is further reflected to the forward direction and the gain is increased by 1.7 dB at 250 GHz. Then the transmit array is fabricated using standard, low-cost PCB technology, and the measured results show that a peak gain of 28.8 dBi with an aperture efficiency of 32% is achieved. In general, the proposed transmit array has simple structures and can be fabricated by standard PCB technologies which are suitable for applications in low-cost THz systems.

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